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Neuropsychological Evaluations

The neuropsychological evaluation is the first step in assessing cognitive strengths and weaknesses in people with brain injuries, developmental conditions such as learning disabilities, or other medical conditions such as dementia. Neuropsychological testing can measure and evaluate various mental functions including, but not limited to:

  • memory

  • attention

  • language

  • perception

  • planning 

  • decision-making

  • organization

  • problem-solving

  • learning

  • information processing

  • emotional functioning

Illustration of woman unraveling brain issues

Once cognitive functions have been assessed, appropriate rehabilitation or treatment methods are developed and implemented to help achieve the client’s goals. 

Clients are referred to NSW for a neuropsychological evaluation for many reasons:

  • A neurologist needs to better understand cognitive and functional skill levels concerning recent brain scans or behaviors that require diagnosis and treatment.

  • A psychiatrist wants to determine a patient’s emotional and cognitive profile in order to consider and select appropriate medication. 

  • A therapist (psychotherapist, physical, occupational, speech, educational, or behavioral) wants to know a client’s strengths, weaknesses, personality characteristics, and developmental functioning to better understand the challenges they must overcome.

  • A teacher or school needs to better understand a child’s learning and behavior style in order to facilitate learning interventions and behavior modifications at home or in school. 

  • A parent may want to understand their child’s brain organization and cognitive strengths and challenges to help their child be more motivated in school, guide a college or career choice, or modify their parenting style.


No matter the referral source, our neuropsychological evaluation is a GPS into how to truly understand a client’s cognitive style, how they perceive the world, and how to then help the person who obtains this valuable information.

NWS provides neuropsychological evaluations for the following:

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