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Remediation for Learning Disabilities

  •   Does your child have difficulty
    completing homework or do they forget to hand it in?

  •   Does your child procrastinate until
    the last second and your best
    efforts are not effective?

  •    Does your child know more about
    the subject material than test scores reflect?

  •   Are projects a source of stress in your
    family because there are more parts to
    the task than your child can manage?

  •  Is your child constantly losing things
    or can’t keep track of multiple
    steps for completing a task?




Developmental Disabilities

Neuropsychological Evaluation of Cognitive Function


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions your child may benefit from individual treatment that could assist him or her in acquiring the necessary skills to work independently and productively.

Specific treatment methods have been designed to remediate the underlying cognitive weaknesses and to teach your child specific strategies to improve his or her skills in a variety of areas.  

Individual remediation can improve problems related to attention, and management of information like planning and organization, time management and complex problem solving. For success in visual tasks like science or geometry problems with visual perception, visual spatial organization and construction can be addressed.

Abstract reasoning, reading, writing, expressive and receptive language and mathematics are also areas of skill necessary for academic success, which can be strengthened.

In individual sessions a structured, step by step approach using the visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses is employed through the use of the individual’s current school assignments, when possible, paper and pencil tasks, manipulatives, movement, audio tapes and computers.

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